Capturing Memories


Over the past year, Reagan and Rafael has built a following to support the small business community and help build the trails. Working with several businesses and couples. He helped many quickly get their message out and sacred memories captured.

Clients Include:

Real Estate | Lennar Model Homes

Do It American | MFG Company

Roman Catholic Church

Cars and Coffee Corona at IHOP


If your tired of your cell phone selfies being bleh...You came to the right place!

ReaganVFilms has transformed several events into memorable moments! Keep reading to see what we can do to turn your event into amazing memorabilia!

ReaganVFilms disclaimer:

ReaganVFilms is the sole copyright owner of any photos or videos captured at the event. Without restriction the client agrees that any media (I.e. photos, videos, audio) taken can be used for the ReaganVFilms website and social channels (I.e. Instagram, Facebook). The prices listed on the ReaganVFilms website are all estimated. The amount ReaganVFilms quotes you is the price we are worth, discounts aren't allowed unless due to exceptions approved by the owner of ReaganVFilms. Any unauthorized copies without written permission by ReaganVFilms of any of our media are subjected to a $1,000+ in fines. To license or request photos or videos please email us at for a quote.

ReaganVFilms License disclaimer:

ReaganVFilms is CERTIFIED for Commercial Drone Piloting. Under FAA PART 107. No one shall disturb the PIC, VO, or CRM from our team at any time.

ReaganVFilms conducts regular safety checks and is registered with all the necessary licenses to perform services.

Contact Us

ReaganVFilms serves Corona, Ca and parts of Southern California with our photography talent. We hope to sponsor a mountain bike trial, support our small business community, and help our community grow.

We specialize for portraits, weddings, commercial, events, podcasts, and shows throughout the year.

Please contact us using the form, or if you perfer text or call us.

Phone: (951) 254-3103


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