Traveling Outside of El Paso, Texas

Throughout my whole journey from El Paso, TX to San Antonio, TX here are a few tips you should think about before heading out. In this post I will include most of the places I have been to and what I have thought about the place.

Travel Time

El Paso, TX to Fort Stockton, TX will take about a 3hrs 23mins drive using Interstate-10 highway.

Fort Stockton, TX to San Antonio, TX will take about 4hrs 55mins drive using Interstate-10 highway.

In total it will take about 7hrs 36mins to 9hrs 32mins from El Paso, TX to San Antonio, TX in one day.

Keep track of what time zone you are in, including the time zones of local states through , an official United States of America resource.

Trip Progression

Timezones in NM/TX

5:19 AM Mountain Standard Time [UTC-6]

6:19 AM Central Standard Time [UTC-5]

El Paso, Texas, USA

El Paso, Texas is in MOUNTAIN TIME!

Continuing into Texas it turns into CENTRAL TIME!

New Mexico: UTC-6

El Paso, TX: UTC-6

Texas: UTC-5

Super 8 El Paso Breakfast

6:37 AM Mountain Standard Time

7144 Gtwy Blvd E, El Paso, TX 79915, USA

Although the rooms weren't that great, the breakfast was yummy enough to fill your stomach. However keep in mind it was very humid outside with temperatures around 85-95 degrees F.

No Society in Sight

8:11 AM Mountain Standard Time

Interstate-10 East, El Paso, Texas, USA

Border Patrol Immigration Point

8:50 AM Mountain Standard Time

Interstate-10 East, El Paso, Texas, USA

About an hour away from the Super 8 Motel, there will be border patrol checking for smugglers or illegal immigrants.

Throughout this part of the road trip. It is best for you to have your drivers licenses or passports ready to be shown when they ask for it. If you are with a group of people, please make sure to know how many people will be in your car. And of course! You better have your seat belts buckled!!

Fill em’ up! In the Middle of Nowhere!

11:12 AM Central Standard Time

TX-17, Balmorhea, TX 79718, USA

El Paso, Texas and San Antonio, Texas is a really wide stretch of desert! This was one of the gas stations we visited when we were almost ran out of gas with just a 1/4 in the tank.

This gas station serves burgers and burritos inside to customers. Have lots of snacks to choose from and a clean bathroom.

We got gasoline here for about $3.20 per gallon USD as of June 2023.

New Pavement on I-10E & I-10W

11:45 AM Central Standard Time

Coyanosa, Texas, USA

Interstate-10 East, Texas, USA

A few parts of Interstate-10 East and West will have new pavement as of June 2023. You will be driving on top of the rumble strip on your right side of the road. This new pavement hadn’t been sanded yet, so it will be rough and loud.

Please make sure to follow the flow of traffic as they work from one end of the highway to the other end of the highway..

Thor through the Desert

4:07 PM Central Standard Time

Interstate-10 East, Exit 569C, Texas, USA

Make sure to have good music or use Spotify’s premium trial for no advertisements the whole way. Relying on the radio is not a good idea in my opinion.

Why you ask? Because they run advertisement here for 10-20 minutes long before you get music. Since they want to call it the “ad free” session.

Beware! Tricky Exits Live Here

4:11 PM Central Standard Time

Interstate-10 East, San Antonio, Texas, USA

When you enter San Antonio, Texas, USA be aware of these exit signs and traffic. Exits will be both available on the left and right sides of the freeway.

When we entered San Antonio, Texas, USA there was lots of traffic although it was a Tuesday in June.

New Bridges to be Built

4:27 PM Central Standard Time

Interstate-10 East, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Not only is San Antonio, Texas, USA in development for new highways or renovations. But all of Texas is repaving their roads and building new highways to prepare for future use!

Traffic patterns on Texan highways will vary along your whole route.

You will also spot “FM ####” highways the FM does not stand for “FM RADIO” it stands for “FARM TO

MARKET ####.” Texas has a history of using Farm to Market roads since 1936 to make sure every home got their groceries, mail, and public services.

No Flood Management in Texas

4:28 PM Central Standard Time

San Antonio, Texas, USA

As a Californian, you think Texas is hot and humid like Arizona, right? Yes, that’s true but this flood didn’t come from a car running into a fire hydrant. This was caused by the natural humidity including by the high and low pressure causing rainfall in San Antonio, Texas, USA with various cloud sizes and land coverage.

Black Bear Diner

5:31 PM Central Standard Time

San Antonio, Texas, USA

During my trip this was our first stop of many, here in San Antonio, Texas, USA. In this case we stopped by due to the amount of traffic on the highway and flooded streets.

Please make sure to look for another article released by ReaganVFilms where it mentions more about what I did here in San Antonio, Texas, USA and what you should try or visit.

Black Bear Diner is located in several places around the United States of America including Southern California, USA! The restaurant staff was very friendly to talk to including what is the best to eat.

If you never ate at Black Bear Diner, you have to!