Traveling Outside of San Antonio, Texas

Throughout my whole journey from San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX here are a few tips you should think about before heading out. In this post I will include most of the places I have been to and what I have thought about the place.

Travel Time

San Antonio, TX to Schulenburg , TX will take about a 1hr 29mins drive using Interstate-10 highway. Schulenburg, TX to Houston, TX will take about 2hrs 0mins drive using Interstate-10 highway. In total it will take about 3hrs 40mins to 4hrs 30mins from San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX in one day.

Keep track of what time zone you are in, including the time zones of local states through , an official United States of America resource.

Trip Progression

Black Bear Diner

5:31 PM Central Standard Time

San Antonio, Texas, USA

During my trip this was our first stop of many, here in San Antonio, Texas, USA. In this case we stopped by due to the amount of traffic on the highway and flooded streets.

Black Bear Diner is located in several places around the United States of America including Southern California, USA! The restaurant staff was very friendly to talk to including what is the best to eat.

If you never ate at Black Bear Diner, you have to!

Luling has a Buckee's Nearby

6:04PM Central Standard Time

10070 I-10, Ottine, TX 78658, USA

As a Southern California traveler, seeing people being obsessed about Buckee's may be a little confusing. Well, while I was there I entered a few Buckee's and they have the most affordable gasoline possible plus they have all your road trip essentials inside!

On The Road

6:57 PM Central Standard Time

Texas, USA

Throughout these next several hours, we are still stuck on Interstate-10 East. While playing the cover by my friend, Robert Levey II, Always Remember Us This Way on Spotify.

Bass Pro Shops

8:14PM Central Standard Time

1000 Bass Pro Dr, Pearland, TX 77047, USA

Just saw this Bass Pro Shops out of nowhere! Thought it would be cool to take a photo since I caught it. Although the fishing line couldn't catch it entirely, at least I got part of it!

Extended Stay America

8:40 PM Central Standard Time

2300 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027, USA

This was our hotel for the night in Houston, Texas. While it may not look the best from the outside, the rooms was comfortable in the inside. However please note that there are a few smokers at the front of the building. When you park there will be signs that once you have been assigned a room, you should put all your valuables from your car, inside your room.


9:43 AM Central Standard Time

2300 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027, USA

At Extended Stay America, you are able to watch Bluey. By the photo I was watching Bluey which I got into watching from one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Alvarado. Not going to lie, but it's fun watching Bluey even as a junior in high school now!