Traveling Outside of Riverside, Riverside County, California

Throughout my whole journey from Riverside, CA to El Paso, TX here are a few tips you should think about before heading out. In this post I will include most of the places I have been to and what I have thought about the place.

Travel Time

Riverside, California to Phoenix, Arizona will take about a 4hrs 42mins drive using Interstate-10 highway.

Phoenix, Arizona to El Paso, Texas will take about 6hrs 6mins drive using Interstate-10 highway.

In total it will take about 10hrs 32mins to 14hrs 32mins from Riverside, CA to El Paso, TX in one day.

Keep track of what time zone you are in, including the time zones of local states through , an official United States of America resource.

Trip Progression

Left Riverside, CA

5:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Riverside, California, USA

Interstate-91 wasn't that bad with traffic however a backup near Moreno Valley, California, USA was to be expected.

The highway from Moreno Valley to Palm Springs is a little different now, compared to previous years. So I ask that you keep a safe distance between others because it surely is a new traffic pattern that you won't expect!

Entered Palm Springs, CA

6:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Palm Springs, California, USA

While driving on Interstate-91 East, you will see wind farms left and right. It is awesome to see. I recommend you not to get distracted while driving here, it's a big road hazard.

Wind Farm View in CA

6:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

Palm Desert, California, USA

Read the history about these wind farms at

Visit to tour these amazing wind farms.

Mountain with Snow Still

6:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

Palm Desert, California, USA

Although we may think the desert wouldn't have snow. Surprisingly when we past by Mount San Jacinto, the very top was still filled with a small bit of visible snow or possibly ice.

Welcome to Arizona, USA

7:59 AM Arizona Standard Time

Ehrenberg, Arizona, USA

Blythe, Arizona, USA

After 3-5 hours of staying on Interstate 10 East, we have finally arrived in Arizona, USA! It will feel a little tiring. Now as you approach the stateliness you will drive over the Colorado river, North of that is Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA.

Alien Car On Road

8:44 AM Arizona Standard Time

La Paz County, Arizona, USA

It will get a little boring now since you are in the middle of nowhere. But here's something interesting I found. A company offering Alien tours, wow!

Buckeye, Arizona

9:27 AM Arizona Standard Time

Buckeye, Arizona, USA

Elevation 867 | Founded in 1888

We've filled up on gasoline here for about $3.49 per gallon as of June 5, 2023.

Millstone Cafe

9:27 AM Arizona Standard Time

801 Monroe Ave, Buckeye, Arizona, 85326, USA

Local & Christian Owned.

A Buckeye Chamber of Commerce Member.

The food at this restaurant in particular is very fresh, affordable, and tasty! The food proportions are small, about one notebook wide. So if you have a big family, please plan to add onto your budget. Since each member of your group will need a plate of their own. Wait time is a little long for us, Roadtrippers. After ordering it will take about 45 minutes until it's on the table. But hey for fresh food, it's worth it!

North Red Rock

1:38 PM Arizona Standard Time

Cochise County, Arizona, USA

Some really cool, natural rock formations are around here. Enjoy them while they last in your view!

Welcome to New Mexico

2:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

Cochise County, Arizona, USA

Be aware of the signs telling you that this is a dust storm zone. Is there a dust storm, well, when I went through there sure was! You will witness several dust storms left and right, make sure to keep driving within or near the speed limit, do not stop!

Get Gasoline

3:48 PM Mountain Standard Time

Hidalgo County, New Mexico, USA

Almost there!

1:38 PM Mountain Standard Time

Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA

About 57 minutes now, final stretch!

Welcome to Texas

6:04 PM Mountain Standard Time

El Paso, Texas, USA

You are finally in El Paso, Texas, USA!

You will see some fancy electronic boards mentioning about traffic and a few decorations on the bridges/freeways.

Rib Hut (BBQ)

7:18 PM Mountain Standard Time

2612 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902, USA

One of the restaurants we went to was Rib Hut. The food proportions were quite large. We in particular bought the family meal which includes biscuits, steak, sides, drinks, and etc.

Super 8 El Paso Airport

3:48 PM Mountain Standard Time

7144 Gtwy Blvd E, El Paso, TX 79915, USA

This was the hotel we stayed in for a single night. It was the cheapest option available and to be honest, it sucked! The toilet will not flush if someone is using the shower in another room and you will see bugs in the room once in a while.

While I am glad the A/C units were working they were itchy, so were the beddings. However I was able to get sustainable sleep to have enough energy for the following day.

The only way to enter the hotel is through the freeway, the only way to leave the hotel is through the freeway. It's very inconvenient but the other hotels in Texas are designed like this too.

The free breakfast they offer in the morning however is great! There is yogurt, juice, cereal, scrambled eggs, and etc. They weren't too bad or overcooked, it was made really well!

Not Shown In Image. El Paso TX USA Sunset Attached