Sahar + Andrea Natan

March 19th 2023

Filmed & Edited by ReaganVFilms.

Venue: Monteleone Meadows

Photographer: Jim Dorsey Photography (With Dave)

Videographer: Rafael Oliveira & Reagan Villanueva (ReaganVFilms)

Mozes + Kaitlyn Parra

July 27th 2022

Filmed & Edited by ReaganVFilms.

Church: Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church (Corona, Ca)

Photographer: Rafael Oliveira & Reagan Villanueva

Videographer (Live Streaming): Reagan Villanueva

Andrew + Migzy Uy

October 28th 2018

Filmed & Edited by ReaganVFilms at the early stages of studying photo & video.

Venue: Laguna Cliff's Marriott

Photographer: Amber & Ashlyn (Jim Kennedy Photographers)

Videographer: Reagan Villanueva

Danny + Kathleen Abad

January 5th 2019

Filmed & Edited by ReaganVFilms at the early stages of studying photo & video.

This wedding was a SDE (Same-Day Edit) which means the video is filmed, edited, and viewed on the same day as the wedding. This is only upon special request and comes with additional costs.

Venue: Double Tree by Hilton, Irvine Spectrum

Photographer: N/A

Videographer: Reagan Villanueva

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